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Amrut Veni for Men


Baldness is quite often seen as normal in men. Even though hair fall in men increases with growing age, one can control it with Amrut Veni Hair Elixir for Men.

  • Professional-designed elixir is developed with years of research.
  • Aids prevent hair degradation due to weather change, pollution, hormone imbalance, etc.
  • Helps activate stem cells to offer hair growth.
  • Works on dermal papillae to protect hair strength and shine.
  • Inhibits the growth of the enzyme 5 𝞪 reductase to increase hair growth and strengthen hair follicles.

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir for Men

The role of hormones, especially testosterone plays a very important role in masculinity, muscle strength, etc. However, when it binds with 5 reductase at the scalp, it miniaturises the hair follicles leading to hair thinning and permanent hair loss. Sahyadri process enables the phyto chemicals infused into the hair elixir to inhibit 5 reductase enzyme and save hair follicles from miniaturisation and permanent hair loss.

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir:
A Cure for Early Baldness & Receding Hairline

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir for Men is developed using functional biomolecules from Herbal plants that make it different from hair oil and other hair products. Testosterone when binds with 5 reductase, it weakens the hair follicles resulting in hair thinning and permanent baldness.

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir is developed with Sahyadri process that enables phyto chemicals to inhibit the 5 reductase enzymes allowing your hair follicles to revive for a healthy hair growth.

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir is a non-sticky hair solution that requires minimal steps to follow when applying to your scalp. Let’s see.



Take a small quantity of the Elixir in your palm and gently apply it. Avoid rubbing your scalp.



Gently massage your scalp in a round motion to activate the hair follicles to improve hair growth.



Keep the Elixir for an hour and give your scalp steam for a better result.



Wash it off with normal water and chemical-free shampoo for the best results.

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