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Sahyadri bio labs (SBL) is a specialist in hair care. Years of research based on advanced biotechnology are the basis for the genesis of Amrut Veni range of hair care products. Yes, Amrut Veni means Amrut for hair. It keeps the hair well nourished by topical application. Amrut Veni supplements the scalp with Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, F & K. It also contains minerals such as herbal origin calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, iron, copper, sodium, selenium, zinc etc which are essential for hair growth and health of hair. It also contains complex of flavonoids, alkaloid etc besides several essential proteins straight from life enhancing herbs stored by mother nature in them. All these are infused into poly oil mix by scientifically designed SAHAYADRI PROCESS developed by biotechnologists of SBL. Only SBL employs this process.

Amrut Veni - Best Hair Elixir Oil For Hair Growth, Regrowth & Hair Fall Control

"Yes Amrut Veni = Amrut For Hair"


"The research team of sahyadri bio labs is a panel of doctors in biotechnology, experts in allopathic doctors specialized in dermatology, practicing as trichologists, and also chemical engineers."


"Sahyadri bio labs has state of art modern well-equipped laboratory used for research in product development as well as quality assurance and control, besides a fabulous library."



"Sahyadri bio labs own GMP Compliant factory is automated to avoid human error, keeping all safety standards within the commitment to the environment, where only green energy is used. There is no pollution of air, water, soil, or sound."


"The products are subjected to pre-clinical as well as clinical study which shows excellent end results."