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India’s first Biotechnologically Engineered Amrut for Hair created through Sahyadri Process

How is Amrut for Hair created via the Biotechnologically
Engineered Sahyadri Process?

Sahyadri Process
  • Functional biomolecules are entirely sourced from medicinal herbs.
  • They are infused into Amrut Veni Hair Elixir using modern biotechnology, designed to nourish as well as activate the protein signalling pathways at dermal papilla, hair matrix, stem cells and sebaceous glands in the hair follicle.
  • Amrut Veni for Women contains phytoestrogens to ensure lush, beautiful and healthy hair.
  • Amrut Veni for Men inhibits the action of the enzyme 5 α reductase thereby preventing miniaturisation of hair follicle and avoiding permanent loss of hair.
  • Amrut Veni for Adolescents Protects the scalp from dandruff, alopecia and infections from micro organisms hence providing lush, beautiful and healthy hair.

How Amrut Veni is Amrut for Hair?

Amrut Veni - Best Hair Elixir Oil

How Amrut Veni is Amrut for Hair?

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir for Women

Estrogen, known as the female hormone, is majorly produced in the ovary. Estrogen helps in hair growth and hair health. However, steep ups and downs in estrogen level in women due to several reasons such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), lack of nutrients, usage of different medications, post-delivery estrogen depletion , menopause etc. leads to excessive hair loss and hair breakage.

Sahyadri Bio Labs have designed biotechnologically engineered Sahyadri Process. The Elixir coming through this process activates the dermal papilla cells and is enriched with phyto estrogen to ensure lush, beautiful, healthy hair.

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir for Men

The role of hormones, especially testosterone plays a very important role in masculinity, muscle strength, etc. However, when it binds with 5 alpha (please use alpha sign here) reductase at the scalp, it miniaturises the hair follicles leading to hair thinning and permanent hair loss.

Sahyadri process enables the phyto chemicals infused into the hair elixir to inhibit 5 alpha reductase enzyme and save hair follicles from miniaturisation and permanent hair loss.

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir for Adolescents

During adolescence period (age from 10 to 22), both boys and girls suffer from scalp itching, dandruff, inflammation, and other scalp diseases. This happens due to over/under secretion of sebum from sebaceous glands. This is one of the major causes for dandruff.

Adolescence undergoes a lot of stress, physical and mental, which leads to premature greying of hair.

In case of female adolescent even PCOS also are reported which results in deficiency in estrogen release. Amrut Veni takes care of scalp and hair from these problems.

Sahyadri Bio Labs has designed and bio technologically engineered ‘Amrutveni Hair Elixir for Adolescent’ to protect them from these issues.

How to use Amrut Veni Amrut For Hair?



Apply Amrut Veni Hair Elixir and gently massage the scalp.



Leave it for at least one hour.



Wash off with clean water. Avoid hot water, soap and harsh shampoos.

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