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How is Amrut for Hair created via the Biotechnologically
Engineered Sahyadri Process?

Sahyadri Process
  • Functional biomolecules are entirely sourced from medicinal herbs.
  • They are infused into Amrut Veni Hair Elixir using modern biotechnology, designed to nourish as well as activate the protein signalling pathways at dermal papilla, hair matrix, stem cells and sebaceous glands in the hair follicle.
  • Amrut Veni for Women contains phytoestrogens to ensure lush, beautiful and healthy hair.
  • Amrut Veni for Men inhibits the action of the enzyme 5 reductase thereby preventing miniaturisation of hair follicle and avoiding permanent loss of hair.
  • Amrut Veni for Adolescents Protects the scalp from dandruff, alopecia and infections from micro organisms hence providing lush, beautiful and healthy hair.

How Amrut Veni is Amrut for Hair?

Amrut Veni - Best Hair Elixir Oil

How Amrut Veni is Amrut for Hair?

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir for Women

Estrogen, known as the female hormone, is majorly produced in the ovary. Estrogen helps in hair growth and hair health. However, steep ups and downs in estrogen level in women due to several reasons such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), lack of nutrients, usage of different medications, post-delivery estrogen depletion , menopause etc. leads to excessive hair loss and hair breakage.

Sahyadri Bio Labs have designed biotechnologically engineered Sahyadri Process. The Elixir coming through this process activates the dermal papilla cells and is enriched with phyto estrogen to ensure lush, beautiful, healthy hair.

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir for Men

The role of hormones, especially testosterone plays a very important role in masculinity, muscle strength, etc. However, when it binds with 5 reductase at the scalp, it miniaturises the hair follicles leading to hair thinning and permanent hair loss.

Sahyadri process enables the phyto chemicals infused into the hair elixir to inhibit 5 alpha reductase enzyme and save hair follicles from miniaturisation and permanent hair loss.

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir for Adolescents

During adolescence period (age from 10 to 22), both boys and girls suffer from scalp itching, dandruff, inflammation, and other scalp diseases. This happens due to over/under secretion of sebum from sebaceous glands. This is one of the major causes for dandruff.

Adolescence undergoes a lot of stress, physical and mental, which leads to premature greying of hair.

In case of female adolescent even PCOS also are reported which results in deficiency in estrogen release. Amrut Veni takes care of scalp and hair from these problems.

Sahyadri Bio Labs has designed and bio technologically engineered ‘Amrutveni Hair Elixir for Adolescent’ to protect them from these issues.

How to use Amrut Veni Amrut For Hair?



Apply Amrut Veni Hair Elixir and gently massage the scalp.



Leave it for at least one hour.



Wash off with clean water. Avoid hot water, soap and harsh shampoos.

Hear from Our Customers

With growing age, one’s body transforms internally and externally. Your hair tends to fall with ageing and it’s quitVanie normal. However, when there is no new hair growth after the hair fall, that is when you know that you need a better hair product to enhance your hair growth. Although hair products are your hair’s lifeline, it is possible that you are picking up the wrong hair products to improve your hair growth. And this you can know when you see your hair strands breaking from between, or becoming rough losing their shine and softness. 

Get Lush, Beautiful, Healthy Hair with Amrut Veni Hair Elixir

Stress, anxiety, tension, hormonal changes, low nutrients and protein, quality of water in the vicinity and pollution are some of the reasons for your hair to lose its shine, smoothness and quality. In the attempt to revive your hair growth you might pick up the next best hair oil or hair product seen in a television advertisement, but just hair oils are not a one-stop shop kind of deal. Every elixir, serum, hair oil or any hair product works differently for different people. Hence, it is important for you to judge your hair growth solution depending on its ingredients.

The Amrut Veni Hair Elixir is a scientifically proven and clinically tested hair product that is made by Sahyadri Bio Labs aiding the luscious hair growth in men, women and adolescents. Mostly, hair loss happens due to endocrine issues, for which, we have designed the elixir which is  biotechnologically engineered through the Sahyadri process. 

How Does Amrut Veni Hair Elixir Help in Hair Growth?

Amrut Veni hair products through the Sahyadri process have created biotechnology engineered products for the absolute well-being of your hair. 

Regular use of Amrut Veni hair products helps in regeneration and extends the anagen cycle of hair. It contains ingredients such as Cocos nucifera oil, Oil extract of Wrightia tinctoria, Extracts of Hibiscus rosasinensis, Aloe barbedensis, Ocimum sanctum, Abrus precartorius, Azhadiracta indica, Tinospora cordifolia, Asparagus racemosus, Withania somnitera, Eclipta alba, Glyrhizha glabra, Embilica officinalis, Nardostachys jatamansi, Bacopa monnieri, Trigonella foenum graceum Cedrus deodara, Murraya koenigi, Nigella sativa, Extracts of Saw palmetto, and Green tea, Gingko biloba, Panax ginseng, Dipalmityl triacetate, and TBHQ.

How Is Amrut Veni Hair Elixir Developed?

Considering the importance of external and internal factors degrading the quality of your hair, Amrut Veni has designed and developed an Elixir for women, men and adolescents ensuring less hair fall and continuous growth of healthy hair. 

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir is developed using functional biomolecules sourced from medicinal herbs allowing the Elixir to have the raw nutrients and medicinal properties required for hair growth. To maintain the original quality of the Elixir, the biomolecules are infused using the biotechnologically engineered Sahyadari process. The Amrut Veni Elixir infused with biomolecules is particularly designed to nourish and activate protein signalling pathways at dermal papilla, stem cells, sebaceous glands and hair matrix in hair follicles. 

How does Amrut Veni hair Elixir help in implementing elixir in hair follicles?

  • The biotechnologically engineered Sahyadri process helps the elixir to increase circulation in hair follicles, thereby reducing oxidative stress by scavenging free radicals and reducing inflammation.
  • It activates hair growth signals pathways and simultaneously inhibits growth suppressing signalling pathways. Amrut Veni activates stem cells at the bulge region and optimize sebum production at sebaceous glands by property 
  • Amrut Veni hair elixir contains phytoactive and bioactive compounds which help in increasing hair follicles and Anagen/Telogen ratio.

How to Apply Amrut Veni Hair Elixir? 

Applying Amrut Veni Hair Elixir is simple, hassle-free and efficient, unlike sticky hair oil. Leaving hair oil longer on the scalp can mess with the scalp’s natural oil balance and make hair fragile causing hair strands to break. Amrut Veni Hair Elixir is non-sticky and requires a lesser quantity to nourish your hair follicles. 

Step 1: Take a small amount of hair elixir on your palm and gently apply it to your scalp.

Step 2: Massage your scalp with light fingers to ensure the elixir enters the hair pores. Massage in a round motion and let the elixir spread on each hair strand. 

Step 3: It is recommended to keep the Elixir for 45 mins – 1 hour. 

Step 4: Wash your hair with normal water or mild cleanser 

Step 5: After the wash, do not rub your hair against the towel and let them dry naturally. 

Apply Amrut Veni Hair Elixir at least 3 times a week to see early results. 

What is an Elixir and How is it Different from Hair Oil?

Elixir is a formidable botanical solution that improves blood flow, soothes the scalp, stimulates follicles and balances sebum production to optimise hair growth and reduce hair fall. Your hair is affected by multiple internal and external factors including heat, pollution, chlorinated water and UV rays. Unlike a hair oil, elixir addresses excessive hair loss, hair thinning, dandruff, oily scalp and breakage of hair strands from the middle by sealing the damaged hair and split ends. 

Hair oil, on the other hand, is a product that generally is developed for all hair types, however, hair oil does not solve the purpose of sealing hair loss or revitalising hair nutrients lost due to multiple factors like pollution, weather change, chlorinated water, etc. 

When it comes to a hair Elixir, it is nothing short of excellence in a bottle. All you have to worry about is when to order a new bottle! 


  • Can Hair Elixir help in hair growth? 

Yes, unlike hair oils, hair elixirs help in healthy and fast hair growth. The functional biomolecules and phytoactive are infused in the hair elixir through biotechnology to help in the regrowth of hair at a faster rate.

  • How is Amrut Veni Hair Elixir different from hair oil?

Unlike normal hair oils, Amrut Veni is a biotechnologically engineered product which is infused with rich biomolecules from the plants needed for good hair health.

Yes, unlike hair oil, Amrut Veni has a separate elixir for men that inhibits 5A reductase’s activity in the hair follicles that helps in regrowing hair at any age. 

  • For which age group, Amrut Veni is suitable?

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir is developed for different age groups and is suitable for all genders. Unlike hair oil, Amrut Veni is designed keeping in mind the problems and issues people face in different age groups. Hence, it works well for hair growth and instant scalp nourishment.

  • Is Amrut veni helpful for hair loss?

Yes, Amrut Veni Hair Elixir contains functional biomolecules for reducing hair loss. 

  • Does Amrut Veni help in removing dandruff?

Yes, it helps in removing and controlling dandruff. 

  • Can Amrut Veni make the hair thicker?

Yes, this Amrut Veni makes the hair thicker. 

  • Can Amrut Veni hair elixir be used for all types of hair?

Yes, it can be used for all types of hair. Amrut Veni is specially formulated and designed by Sahyadri Bio labs to help in hair growth of all types of hair. 

  • How frequently can I use the Amrut Veni Hair elixir?

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir should be used minimum 2 or 3 times a week for better results. 

  • What causes hair loss?

Hair loss can happen for various reasons such as infection, alopecia, and dandruff, thus providing a breeding ground for microorganisms to destroy the hair. Our bio technically engineered elixir contains biomolecules and enzymes that help in protecting the scalp from further damage.

Massage elixir in your hair and keep it in for an hour. After one hour, you can wash it off with a mild cleanser. This helps in maintaining long-lasting hair shine.

  • What happens if we apply hair elixir daily?

Amrut Veni Hair Elixir should be used minimum 2 or 3 times a week for better results. You can also apply it daily.

  • When should you use hair elixir?

Unlike hair oil, you can apply hair elixir any time of the day, but make sure you keep it for at least an hour to allow it to go deep into the follicles.    

  • What is the correct way to oil hair or apply elixir?

Take some hair oil or elixir and massage it on your scalp. Let it stay there for an hour and then wash it with clean water. Avoid using harsh shampoo, hot water and soap.

  • Do some hairstyles damage your hair or cause it to fall out?

Yes, some hairstyles may damage your hair and can cause hair to fall especially if you are using    a heating iron or drier more often. 

  • How do you treat hair loss?

Hair loss can be treated by applying Amrut Veni hair elixir infused with functional biomolecules from medicinal herbs thrice a week. You have to take extra precautions like keeping your hair covered when travelling outside.  

  • What stimulates hair growth faster?

Hair growth happens faster if noggins proteins are stimulated in dermal papillae. Amrut Veni elixir hair contains functional biomolecules from medicinal herbs that help in faster hair growth. 

  • How do you get thick hair?

Our elixir protects roots from free radicals, thus preventing inflammation. This helps hair to grow in a safe surrounding. Gradually your hair strands become thicker and healthier. 

  • Can hair grow 2 cm a month?

Healthy food habits, regular application of elixir, etc can help fasten hair growth.  However on an average the hair growth rate is 1 cm in a month.

  • Do gels, and mousses for hair sprays cause your hair to fall out?

Some gels and mousses for hair sprays cause your hair to fall.  It basically damages the scalp with dandruff, alopecia and infections from microorganisms. This can be cleared by hair elixir infused with biomolecules and enzymes.

  • What quantity of hair elixir is perfect to use? 

Depending upon the hair type, you can take a sufficient amount of hair elixir and apply it to the scalp. This helps in soaking all the nutrients in the scalps, thereby helping in the growth of hair.

  • Is Amrit Veni an ayurvedic product?

No, it's not an ayurvedic but a herbal product. It is a biotechnologically engineered product made through the Sahyadri process which infuses the essential bio molecules extracted from the plants required for healthy hair growth